Protocol IPv4 and IPv6 are represent in Koneo Network INTRON-AS [30795].

These routers are placed on the island Gotland in Sweden, they are located at two different datacenters in the town of Visby. Sometimes a query will take up to 180 seconds, depending on your query type and arguments. When visiting the Looking Glass site, the site will automatically generate a first query based on your current IP-Address.


Query Type:
show ip bgp <ip>
show ip bgp summary
show ip route <ip>
show ip bgp regexp <expression>
show ip bgp dampening dampened-paths
show ip bgp dampening flap-statistics
show bgp ipv6 <ip/prefixlen>
show bgp ipv6 unicast summary
show ipv6 route <ip/prefixlen>
show bgp ipv6 regexp <expression>
ping <ip>
traceroute <ip>

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